Artist Collaboration Nya x Peta Armstrong



Peta Armstrong 


Peta Armstrong is a multidisciplinary artist, currently focused on ceramics. She creates the most enticing pieces, that are bold, textured and strong. Inspired by tribal art, she combines traditional materials and techniques with a modern considered aesthetic, in a perfect play between form and function. Her striking work is heavily influenced by the colour and shape of the ancient rock formations, flora and fauna that surround her Victorian Surf Coast home.


Peta Armstrong Ceramics 

We teamed up with Peta over a year ago to talk about creating some art especially for Nya, that reflects our wild and rugged Surf Coast surroundings.  Peta used stylised imagery in the Alchemy print that depicts the local wildlife, the bold ochre and clay colours come from the Addis cliffs, and the ancient soil is depicted in a deep charcoal ash base.  




We love the way Peta creates carefully considered and timeless art, built to last and be cherished ... a perfect match with what we're all about at Nya.  We are so in love with the striking Alchemy print and just know the beautifully crafted garments we've created from this fabric will be on high rotation in your wardrobes for years to come!