Why We Use A Pre-Order Model 

Our entire collection is offered on a pre-order basis, where we make just enough to fulfil our confirmed orders.

We prefer demand rather than over producing and contributing to fashion and waste accumulation.

This also ensures each piece is limited and means our business can operate sustainably.


Pre-Order Process 

When you place a 'pre-order' we are beginning to develop print screens and approve final artwork designs with our printer. 

Once the pre-order window closes, generally 8-9 weeks prior to your confirmed delivery date, we then collate all the orders and calculate the required meterage of fabric to print and order all components.

When we have all this information our makers, being colour technicians, printers, pattern makers, cutters and sewers and production managers can proceed to work their magic and craft our designs into your beautiful garments to wear for seasons to come !

Please refer to the delivery date specified on the individual product item page (underneath the "ADD TO CART" button). 

You will receive your item within this timeframe and we will keep you informed on it's progress.

 xx Tani & Fleur