Here at Nya we are always trying to improve our sustainability efforts, it is an evolving process and we work hard to ensure every detail of our brand aligns with our views of making a difference in the world, in whatever little way we can.


SUSTAINABLE FIBRES – they are so good !


We use a GOTS certified Organic Cotton & Hemp Blend which is free of harmful pesticides.


Did you know Organic Cotton produces 46% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton and that Hemp is one of the most sustainable fibres, being a renewable plant source?  Hemp also returns up to 70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



Compostable garments

Cotton and Hemp are natural fibres, our Nya garments are compostable, breaking down within 3-6 months, thereby not contributing to landfill gas emissions.  We know we can improve and are now working on ways to make our labels compostable.


Our fabric printer uses non-toxic water based inks.


Slow Fashion & Pre-Order Models
We pride ourselves on being a slow fashion brand producing very limited collections each year. We produce just what we need, based on your orders, to avoid any leftover stock at the end of the season.


Aiming for Zero Waste

Each detail is carefully considered, we aim to be as zero waste as possible across our business.  Working closely with our pattern maker we ensure we are achieving efficient consumption of our fabric in order to minimise waste, repurposing as many offcuts as we can to make useful accessories, like these scrunchies.




Plastic-free Packaging

We use HeroPacks home compostable mailers.

Heropacks sustainable packaging

The mailers are made from corn starch which break down within 90-120 days, compared to plastic mailers that may take up to 400 years.


Giveback Initiatives

The ocean plays a big part in our daily lives and we are passionate about protecting this natural environment and preserving it for the generations to come. We choose to donate 2% of all profits to Take3forthesea