Firecracker Dress Hibiscus

Nya | What does it mean?

"The name Nya has two independent origins.  In Swahili it means Goal or Purpose.  As the Welsh form of the name Niamh, it means Bright.  Nya is a story about the clothes we wear, about the people who make them and the impact the fast fashion industry is having on our world.  At Nya we are passionate about slow fashion and creating a small foot print.  We believe in quality over quantity and believe ethical fashion should be affordable whilst still respecting the rights of those who have handcrafted our clothes.  We create beautiful print dresses you can love and wear season after season."


Australian Made | Australian Owned

"All our products are proudly Australian Made and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia."

Poppy Dress Vintage Pink

Nya | Ethical Sustainable Fashion

"We have a passion to create beautiful printed clothing in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way.  Fast fashion is having a devastating impact upon our fragile environment and we want ethical, slow and sustainable fashion to be the new norm.  At Nya we create our own limited edition prints using environmentally friendly water based inks. The fabrics we use are sourced from natural sustainable crops, using GOTS certified organic cotton and hemp.  By supporting Nya you are choosing to be socially responsible, showing you care about making a difference and joining our quest to create a better future for us all."